Monday, August 25, 2008

Unlocking iPhone

Unlocking iPhone – 

I dint have the patience to wait for the iPhone to launch in India after being launched in the US almost a year back. So I had to ask my brother to get one for me from the US sometime back. He got a piece that was unlocked by some dealer in US since iPhone comes with pre-defined carrier providers (AT&T in US, and now Airtel, Vodaphone in India).

Though I am quite tech savvy, I was not much informed on the software details of iPhone and the its firmware version being linked to unlocking it. So one day in my excitement I updated my iPhone firmware through iTunes from 1.4 to 2.0. And wow, the next minute my iPhone was locked and rendered useless. I spent the next 3 days of my life struggling like crazy to unlock my iPhone. Through web links provided by my friends to some of the tutorials I read a lot on the fine workings of the iPhone software and the process to unlock it. In this process I think I have become quite a pro at it. The terms that may sound alien to most of the people are now part of my regular vocabulary :-) like Firmware, baseband, bootneuter, jailbreak, pwn, activate, restore, custom restore, device firmware update (DFU) etc. At the same time I have become quite acquainted with the various tools that help in unlocking like – WinPwn, Liberty, Zibri, and such.

Some of the links that you could refer to if you are interested are - 

So if anyone is stuck with a locked iPhone and struggling to unlock it, you know whom to ask for help :-)

iPhone Review

"iPhone" Review

I have always been an Apple fan. You don’t need to read a lot or go through technical specifications or listen to so called experts on technology to understand why Apple is the numero uno when it comes to designing electronic gadgets like Personal Computers, Music Players, and now Mobile Phones. All you need to do is experience their products for yourself to feel the difference. Chances are you won’t go back to any other device once you are hooked on to Apple. Their products are revolutionary and  talk for themselves –

  • Mac PC and OS
  • iPod
  • iPhone

Apple changes the way people use computing device or listen to music or use mobile devices. There latest offering the uber-cool, iconic iPhone is yet another revolutionary product. I had the chance of getting my hands on one (though shipped in from US prior to its launch in India). The experience so far is out of this world. I fell in love with the phone and the features it provides. Its gonna change the way mobile devices are designed and used in the industry.  One doesn’t feel the need to have a physical key pad attached to the phone any longer. And instead make use of the entire screen space for other useful purposes. The usability and design of the phone is amazing and as good as it can get. Some of the key features in the phone are –

  • The Operating System and its stability. It hasn’t crashed single time till date. And going by Apple’s record it’s no surprise.
  • The robust yet so sensitive touch screen and the scrolling features. It’s amazing the way the hardware is designed and backed by the software that helps achieve this path-breaking design.
  • The different pre-installed application from Apple. All the apps are so user friendly and so useful. There is not a single feature that is redundant, just-for-show kinds, or non user friendly.  Imaging you clicking on the calculator and in the normal mode it’s a standard calculator. As soon as you turn the phone around (90 deg) and view it horizontally, the standard calculator turns into scientific one and fits neatly in the wide horizontal screen.
  • The safari browser which I think is damn cool and stable to browse the internet. With ample screen space it’s a pleasure browsing the net.
  • The Email feature is again very neat.
  • With Apple iPhone apps launched and integrated on the phone one can expect thousands of useful applications being developed specifically for iPhone throughout the world in the near future.
  • And not to mention the built in cool iPod as well.

 Is there any reason to crib or ask for more? I can’t think of any…

Well only Apple can come up with such innovative stuff. Else it would have already been developed, isn’t it?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Global Climate Change - Glecosys initiative

Guys - 

I have been reading quite a lot about Global Climate Change, Global Warming, Greenhouse Effect, Carbon emission and such. I have realized that the problem is real and we all are responsible for it. Its high time everyone understands this problem in detail and takes measure to arrest the rising greenhouse gases (CO2) emission. If not done its highly probable that the next few generations would not be able to enjoy the kind of life we experience on this beautiful planet. 

I would recommend everyone to take some time out and go through the article present on the link below - 

As part of my company CrediPoint Solutions, we have started a new initiative by launching a site on Global Climate Change awareness called Glecosys (acronym for GLobal ECOSYStem). The site has lots of animations, courses, articles, and links on Global Climate Change developed by CrediPoint Solutions. 

Course on Global Climate Change:

Animation on Enhanced Greenhouse Effect:

Animation on Carbon Cycle:

Increase your understanding, take preventive steps, share knowledge, educate others, spread the word and become a responsible citizen of the planet. 

Sandeep Khomne